We would like to introduce you to other brands we sell on our website and have complete trust in: 

Home Body Field Goods - Ingredient forward, end to end. 

Established in 2016, Home Body Field Goods is a lifestyle brand featuring handmade, small-batch, natural products for your inside and out.
All of the products are handmade by Lauren, founder and owner, who is based in Wilmington, NC. The products are an accumulation of my herdesires and journey as a human, mother, herbalist, and creator. All formulas are original and are created and made solely by Lauren, who loves growing plants and medicinal herbs, creating products, eco-dying fabrics, sewing, and knitting. 
She is also well-known in Wilmington for the meals she posts on her instagram stories where she highlights local ingredients. 

Heavy Oil A conscious apothecary.

More than just skin care, Heavy Oil is a statement. It’s a conscious approach to a changing culture. An investigation of the world around us through a difficult luxury, through a meditative act. These oils and the daily regimens through which they are applied are meant to evoke a moment of quiet stillness, aloneness yet oneness, deep appreciation.

Made with 100% organic and ethically wildcrafted ingredients sourced with utmost scrutiny from around the world. Drawing on ancient teachings from time immemorial, these formulas are created and blended by herbalist Carly Shumaker in Mount Washington, Los Angeles.