About River Organics

Who we are
River Organics is an independent beauty company, located in Wilmington, NC
Formulated to be safe and hydrating for all skin types, our makeup line and skin care offer a simplified approach to maintaining and nourishing your skin.   

The products are conceived by wife and husband team Corinne & Fabien, natives of Canada and France. Corinne is an Art Historian with an eye for simple beauty and Fabien is a natural product chemist who worked in the Chanel skincare laboratories in the South of France, where they both lived for 8 years. 
Life in France, and travels in Italy and the Middle East introduced Corinne to beauty regimens in which oil, not creams, formed the basis of skin care.

Plant oils form the basis for each product. We take into consideration where and how the product is used by our clients and how it can benefit their skin.
Our makeup line helps to hydrate the skin naturally and we publish a full list of ingredients for each product that is simple and clear to understand and our packaging is as close to zero-waste as possible. 

We take care to ship thoughtfully in recycled envelopes from Eco-Enclose, sugar cane based labels and without additional marketing material or packing.

Please contact us for any recommendations or to answer any questions you may have. E-mail: info@riverorganics.org

Check out our Stockist List to find out where to purchase River Organics products in the USA, Canada and Online.