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We love Mica but we don't like human rights violation, this is why the Mica we use is synthetic. What does this mean and why did we chose to go this route?
Mica is a popular ingredient in natural makeup for it's shimmering effect and smooth satiny mineral feel. It blends beautifully on skin and is a naturally occurring mineral found in stone. 
Like all ingredients, it's best to be informed and aware of where it comes from and how it is 'harvested'. Mica is not an ingredient that can have a USDA Organic Seal and it's very difficult to find out exactly where it is sourced. 
With so many questions surrounding Mica, we have found that the best solution is to use Synthetic Mica. Synthetic Mica is so similar to Mica found in stone that it goes by the same name. It is ethically sourced is gentle on skin and comes in a range of beautifully natural colors.

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