Solid Scent Balm | Jasmine + Neroli
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Solid Scent Balm | Jasmine + Neroli

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This single scented balm, infused with Organic Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasminum officinale), is a relaxed yet confidence boosting scent. 
Jasmine has both warm and floral notes, striking a luxurious fragrant balance with the citrus notes of Neroli.. 

The balm is a blend of organic plant butters and oils including Shea and Kokum butters to which are added jojoba and açai oils. The formulation is gentle on the skin with moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties. 

Each balm is hand poured in an eco-friendly, compostable paper jar that is easy to carry with you for re-application on the go. 

As always, our products are Fragrance free, Phthalate free, Palm oil free and cruelty-free certified.

Application: Dab your finger into the balm, warm into the pulse points. Re-apply as needed.  

Ingredients: *Coconut Oil, *Shea butter, Candelilla Wax, *Kokum Butter, *Jojoba Seed Oil, Acai Berry Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E made from wheat germ), *Jasmine + Neroli Essential Oils. 
*Certified Organic

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