AURA Facial oil | Restorative Formula ~Now with Plum Oil!

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Now with Plum oil! 

AURA Facial oil is formulated with plant oils chosen for their regenerative properties to brighten and improve skin texture and complexion. This fast-absorbing, lightweight facial oil is a treat for the skin and has a delicious blood orange scent. It can be used as a day or night oil.

Why have we added Plum Oil? This beautifully hydrating noncomedogenic oil is antioxidant rich (E, C, and A) and is beneficial in skin cell repair and complexion improvement.

SCENT: Scented with Blood Orange Essential Oil, a light sweet citrus scent to help ease nervous tension and boost the mood. Essential oils are safe on the skin in very light doses and diluted. We are very careful to use the safe percentage of EO.

✧ 100% Vegan Ingredients

✧ Phthalate Free

✧ Cruelty free Certified

✧ Plastic Free - Biodegradable surgar cane label + Metal Cap 


How to use: Apply 3-4 drops to fingers and massage gently into the face. Great to use as a light oil during the day as well as a night oil on cleansed skin instead of a night cream.

Ingredients: *Safflower Seed Oil (High Oleic), *Rosehip Seed Oil, Carrot seed Oil, Plum Oil, *Tocopherol oil (Vitamin E), *Blood Orange Essential Oil

*Certified Organic

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