Oil Cleansing & How to Never Wash Your Face Again

Many people have heard of 'oil pulling', referring to the Ayurvedic practice of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth before spitting it out and effectively pulling bacteria and germs from your mouth because they are attracted to the oil. 

This same practice can be applied to skin care and completely simplifies the cleansing routine. Cleaning your face with oils cuts down on the amount of products you need to use, removes makeup gently and leaves your skin feeling soft and not tight. When you take soap out of the picture, you don't strip your face of oil, causing your skin to react and over produce oils. Oils help the skin find it's harmonious balance and retain moisture.

When we produced our body oils it was with the idea in mind of creating a dual purpose product. The combination of Almond and Apricot oils remove makeup with ease but are light enough to get into the pores and help remove dirt. 

Apply oil to the face and over the eyes in circular motions and watch as the makeup comes to the surface. The massaging will help with circulation as our lymph system also exists in our face so it will help with any blockages. Then use a hot washcloth and gently remove the oil from your face.

Try the Boosting or Uplifting Body oils to moisturize your body during the day and clean your face at night.

In case you were wondering when to use soap on your face, it's simple, we never use it!
Oil Cleanse daily and exfoliate once a week with a soft dry skin brush for optimum results.