Bottle Return | Refills | Shipping Material

How you can help and save $ 

Bottle Return: Bring in your empty River Organics Bottles to our retail space, Athenian House, 2231 Wrightsville Ave or Going Local NC, 208 N. Water St. and receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.

Refills: We have a refill station with the following products: Boosting Body oil, Aura Facial oil, Rhassoul Clay. Bring your own bottle or refill your old River Organics bottle. Refills can be purchased by the ounce and a 10% reduction has already been calculated in the price for you. If you love Aura why not bring in a 2oz bottle and stock up!


Bring in your used envelope to either location and receive 10% off your entire purchase. We receive our slightly used shipping material from a variety of small local makers. *You may receive your order in a re-purposed shipping envelope, thank you for doing your part and keeping the life cycle of products going!

Contact us to learn more: