Spring 2022: The Best Soft Spring Makeup Look

Spring is officially here, and it’s time to dress (or rather, makeup) the part. If you're looking to try out a soft spring makeup look, look no further.

Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on creating an effortless and natural soft spring makeup look.

best soft spring makeup look

Step One: Base

This makeup look is all about appearing natural. Instead of using a heavy foundation, all you’ll need is a lightweight concealer like our Zero Waste Concealer. Infused with oils like apricot kernel, camellia seed, and moringa seed, this light coverage concealer is designed to conceal and protect your skin.

Using either your finger or a concealer brush, apply the concealer on blemishes, your under-eyes, or anywhere you want to detract attention. 

Do you want more all-over coverage? Scoop out a small amount with your finger, warm it between your fingers, and blend it over your face. This formula is very lightweight, making it very buildable.  

Step Two: Blush & Highlight

What is a soft spring makeup look without blush-pinched, dewy cheeks? Thankfully, we have five blushes and three highlighters to choose from, depending on your skin tone and your desired look. 

Do you want a soft pink look? Dab our Vegan Blush Stick in Bloom on your cheeks for a rosy hint of color. Layer it with our Vegan Highlighter Stick in Rose Quartz for a dewy finish. Do you want a more sun-kissed, warm glow? Combine our Peachy blush with our Illumi highlighter to give you the perfect sun glow without a sunburn.

The best part about our blushes and highlighters? They’re all made with skin-protecting ingredients like organic shea butter, grapeseed oil, and rosehip oil. These ingredients work together to protect, soften, and hydrate your skin.

soft spring makeup

Step Three: Eyebrows

Eyebrows help bring attention to your eyes, accentuate your face shape, and can make or break your makeup look. 

Use our Vegan Eyebrow Wax to tame and shape your brows. Once you select the shade that’s closest to your natural hair color, take our Bamboo Brush and roll the bristle side through the product. Then, swipe the brush through your brows in the direction of hair growth and shape them as desired.

soft spring makeup

Step Four: Eyes

Never underestimate the subtle beauty of a simple lash look. We make our Zero Waste Mascara with coconut oil and rhassoul clay for non-clumping, long-lasting effects.

Take a clean Bamboo Brush and roll the bristles through our mascara pot. Then, swipe the brush through your lashes until they are fully covered. 

If you want to add color to your lids, dab on some blush from step two to your eyelids. This is a simple and easy way to make your makeup cohesive. 

soft spring makeup

Step Five: Lips
The main event for any soft spring makeup look is the lips. 

Vegan Lip Balms provide sheer coverage and thirst-quenching hydration to your lips. For the natural soft spring look, try our shade Pastel Pink for a light, healthy pink look. If you desire more pop in color, try our Rose Gold balm.

To use, open the cap and push the tube gently up from the bottom. Then, dab, swipe, or layer on the balm.

Now, you have created a makeup look that’s perfect for strolling your local gardens in springtime. 

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